Billion Dollar Brows

Billion Dollar Brows

French Cosmetics are bringing a touch of the Hollywood glamour to Irish Beauty Salons by offering training and supply of the Billion Dollar Brows techniques that everyone in LA is talking about. Billion Dollar Brow clients include Lauren Conrad, Oprah, Kristin Chenoweth and Paula Abdul.

What is Billion Dollar Brows?

It is an eyebrow designing treatment using a patented tool, the Brow Buddy. It is used to work out the eyebrow shape suited to your face, no stenciling, and no guesswork! The design is pencilled on to the face; The therapist then works with layering the hair with a unique cutting process, precision waxing and designated hair removal. No threading is required as her work is so precise. The perfect eyebrow is completed with highlighting and shading. A stunning finish, your friends will be amazed and wonder what the difference is; tell them Billion Dollar Brows .

The difference between normal waxing and Billion Dollar Brows is the half hour design process creating the perfect eyebrow, transforming your face. It's no wonder a Billion Dollar Brows technician is called an eyebrow artist. For those of you with little eyebrow hair we have the perfect product, "Brow Boost" that helps develop hair growth. It flies off the shelf in America! Use Brow Boost for 4 weeks and the difference will be clear to see. The Brow Boost is the top seller in the range and is a deep conditioning treatment which is designed to help strengthen and condition thin, over plucked brows, it is derived from natural minerals and proteins that help to condition the eyebrow follicles. No tattoos, no threading, pure design, which is easy to look after. Keep that stunning look by booking a monthly appointment

What to become a Billion Dollar Brow Artist?

To get more information on training to become a Billion Dollar Brows artist, view our Training section or contact French Cosmetics today on +353 4694 81091.